Call for Papers

17th International HL7 Interoperability Conference

(IHIC 2017)

Papers submission is closed. Thank you for your participation.

The 17th International HL7 Interoperability Conference (IHIC 2017) will be held from 22-24 October 2017 in Athens, Greece. It is embedded into the Greek National eHealth Forum 2017. The venue selected for our event is the “Purifier”, located in the Technopolis City of Athens. The Conference will be hosted by HL7 Hellas, with support from HL7 Germany as permanent IHIC supporter. Other HL7 Affiliates are invited to join the supporters’ team. The motto of the 2017 conference is

Re-shaping healthcare systems

The IHIC is a forum for implementers and scientists to present and discuss concepts, models and implementations for innovative interoperable e-Health solutions. The conference aims to play the role of an interface between science, research and practice with regards to interoperability in the health and social care domain to share experiences and best practices. It will present scientific papers on the one hand and demonstrations, practice reports, success and failure stories on the other hand.

Based on the good experiences gained at former IHICs, the conference will start with a Tutorial Day, pushing the dissemination of knowledge about HL7 globally. As every year, one highlight of the conference will be the announcement of the “Joachim W. Dudeck Award” for the best paper of a young author. More details can be found at the end of this Call.


  • 22 October 2017: Tutorial Day
    • All registered attendees will receive one complimentary tutorial with the opportunity to book further tutorials.
    • Special Session or Workshops of HL7 Committees may be accommodated here, offering sharing of information and experiences between committee members and participants from all around the world.
  • 23-24 October 2017: Main Conference


The intended audience encompasses all who have developed, implemented, investigated, or otherwise used any of HL7s standards.

Implementers and Users

Scientists and Researchers

We invite implementers (representing healthcare providers and software vendors) to present their implementation experiences, success stories, requirements needs, assessments of standards, etc.

All suggested topics will be reviewed by the Program Committee to ensure a reasonable quality as well as a balanced series of presentations. In order to facilitate evaluation and dissemination of these experiences, attendees are requested to submit short practice reports, possibly also allowing that their presentations be recorded. The practice reports will be published as part of the conference proceedings, and the recordings will be made available here (TBA).

We invite scientists to submit papers to be presented in the conference and be published in the conference proceedings.

All papers will be reviewed by at least two independent reviewers. Selected papers will be published in the special issue “Interoperability is more than just technology” of the “European Journal of Biomedical Informatics”.

The best scientific paper by a young author (<35y) will be awarded with the “Joachim W. Dudeck Award” (see the final page of this announcement for details).


Papers should contribute, but are not limited to the following topics:

  • The advancement of interoperability
  • Harmonization of interoperability standards and specifications among different SDOs
  • Terminology and ontology challenge of interoperability
  • Concepts and frameworks for Smart Interoperability Infrastructure Services
  • Local, regional or national Electronic Health Records solutions
  • Business Intelligence and Clinical Decision Support
  • Security, safety and privacy
  • Specification and implementation tools
  • FHIR and CDA – controversy, coexistence, or synergy?
  • “Show me your CDA” – CDA implementations at all levels
  • Creating new clinical and integrated care pathways through effective information exchange
  • Enabling patient and healthcare providers to interact in the new digital economy (mhealth, Internet of Things, cloud computing and many more)
  • Handling patient consent and electronic identity in distributed healthcare settings


Special Sessions

One IHIC 2017 session will be dedicated to Greek national initiatives such as the ePrescription System and the Primary Care Reform, enriched by related experiences from other countries. Another session will address EU projects European HL7 Affiliates are involved in. Additional special session will be defined soon.

Submission and Format

Manuscripts should not exceed 5000 words and must strictly follow the instructions for authors available here.

Papers are to be submitted electronically at the IHIC Submission System before June 11 2017 (final deadline).

For each accepted paper, at least one of the authors must register for the conference. In case of multiple paper submissions by a unique author, one registration is requested.

Important Dates:

  • Distribution of the Call For papers: 1 January 2017
  • Deadline for submissions: (Papers submission is closed. Thank you for your participation)
  • Evaluation and notification: 15 July 2017
  • Camera-papers ready due: 15 August 2017
  • IHIC 2017: 22-24 October 2017

IHIC 2017 Program Committee

Alexander Berler (Co-Chair) (GR), Bernd Blobel (Co-Chair) (DE), Kai Heitmann (DE), Mauro Giacomini (IT), Dimitrios Katehakis (GR), Nikos Kyriakoulakos (GR), Lina Nikolopoulou (GR), Sylvia Thun (DE

Conference Website: Contact:


Joachim W. Dudeck Award

Since 2011, HL7 International annually bestows the Joachim W. Dudeck Award, awarded by the HL7 International Council on the occasion of the International HL7 Interoperability Conference.

The Award distinguishes extraordinary achievements in developing and/or implementing HL7-based interoperability solutions as well as promoting the use of HL7 and its harmonization with other specifications performed by young HL7 community members.

The Award has been launched in memory and honor of the outstanding physician, scientist, lecturer and standards developer Joachim W. Dudeck (Giessen, Germany). Joachim Dudeck was the founder and long term Chair of HL7 Germany, the first Affiliate Director at the HL7 Board of Directors, and author or contributor of many specifications around HL7 and XML in Health Informatics.

A jury – the Joachim W. Dudeck Award Committee – consisting of 6 acknowledged scientists and standardization experts headed by the acting HL7 Germany Chair decides on the bestowment of this Award to one author of a paper submission to the International HL7 Interoperability Conference, who is younger than 35 years.

This Award is worth US$ 1000, which was kindly donated by HL7 International, and is completed by a “Joachim W. Dudeck Award” plaque donated by HL7 Germany.

The paper must be written in English.



European Journal for Biomedical Informatics (EJBI) Special issue on

Re-shaping healthcare systems

(edited by Bernd Blobel and Alexander Berler)


About European Journal for Biomedical Informatics

European Journal for Biomedical Informatics (EJBI) is an official journal of the European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI). It is an online, peer-reviewed journal reacting on the great European need to share information in the multilingual and multicultural European area. EJBI publishes papers in English and in other official European languages simultaneously. This opens new possibilities for faster transfer of scientific research pieces of knowledge of many European countries to a large international community of biomedical researchers, physicians, other health personnel and citizens. Moreover, the journal enables to make results of scientific-research work and practical experiences of foreign specialists accessible to wider health public in a more comprehensible way in each European country.

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